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Muela Wildboar Hjortehorn

Varekode: WILD BOAR-16A
Without a doubt, the highlight of the Muela Trophy…
Produktteksten på dette produktet er dessverre ikke oversatt til norsk, nedenfor finner du produsentens/leverandørens beskrivelse...


Without a doubt, the highlight of the Muela Trophy series is the handle pommel, which is rendered as a hunting trophy in the shape of a highly detailed wild boar's head fabricated from brass. The beautifully swung parrying element is also made from brass and forms the forward termination of the handle made from a single stag blank. The satin-finished bowie blade is made from 4116 steel, and in addition to the name lettering also features a laser engraving of the particular animal. A true collectible that also holds its own as a utility knife. Shipped with premium leather sheath in a premium collector's box.


Produsent Muela
Varekode WILD BOAR-16A
Materiale 4116
Knivblad Lengde 15.7 cm
Knivblad Tykkelse 4.5 mm
Skaft Materiale Hjortegevir
Skaft Lengde 13.5 cm
Total Lengde 29.2 cm
Låsemekanisme Fixed Blade

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