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Muela Sarrio

Varekode: SARRIO-19G
A common feature for the new hunting knife series …
Produktteksten på dette produktet er dessverre ikke oversatt til norsk, nedenfor finner du produsentens/leverandørens beskrivelse...


A common feature for the new hunting knife series from Muela are the extremely slip-proof grips made from proven Kraton, which has enjoyed considerable popularity among all knife users who rely on knife functionality as the most important criterion. Not only in wet conditions, but also in extreme cold or with gloves, Kraton provides dramatically better grip with greatly enhanced handling over classic grips made from natural materials. Of course, this also significantly improves resistance to wetness. A stainless steel guard element closes the Kraton grip toward the blade. Shipped with black leather sheath. Full-size camp and outdoor knife for anything nature has to offer. 4116 blade steel Kraton grip, stainless steel guard element. Overall length 30.6 cm. Blade 19.3 cm. Thickness 4.3 mm. Weight 302 g


Produsent Muela
Varekode SARRIO-19G
Materiale 4116
Knivblad Lengde 19.3 cm
Knivblad Tykkelse 4.3 mm
Skaft Materiale Kraton
Skaft Lengde 11.3 cm
Total Lengde 30.6 cm
Vekt 302 gr
Låsemekanisme Fixed Blade

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