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Muela Maderas Anniversary

Varekode: BX-8.TH
With their high-quality hunting knives "Made in Sp…
Produktteksten på dette produktet er dessverre ikke oversatt til norsk, nedenfor finner du produsentens/leverandørens beskrivelse...


With their high-quality hunting knives "Made in Spain" and their high vertical integration, Muela has become a fixture in the scene for classic and modern hunting knives (and by now also increasingly for outdoor and bushcraft knives). The ability to process stag in series production at this high level is unmatched, while the use of modern steels, such as the nitrogen-alloyed Sandvik steel 14C28N on selected models, shows not only that tradition is preserved but also that there is an outstanding feel for what the market wants. The leather sheathes - which are also made by Muela in-house and are always premium grade - represent a special note. For their 60th company anniversary, Muelea gives us something to smile about with several limited edition models, which are made from specifically selected materials and are shipped as a premium edition in a collector's box. The elaborately processed handle of the Maderas Anniversary has scales made from stabilized maple burl wood that is supported by red fiber liners. As a special accent, Muela has placed a polished spacer between the scales and the nickel-silver bolster as an inlay with red fiber on both sides. The back spring along with the stainless steel liners feature decorative filework that extends all the way to the pommel. The blade pivot point is riveted with a mosaic pin, an absolute rarity on a knife of this design. The satin-finished 4116 steel blade is engaged by a liner lock. The unique serial number is shown on the nickel-silver bolster. Limited to 999 copies world-wide.


Produsent Muela
Varekode BX-8.TH
Materiale 4116
Knivblad Lengde 8.1 cm
Knivblad Tykkelse 2.5 mm
Skaft Materiale Lønn
Skaft Lengde 10.5 cm
Total Lengde 18.6 cm
Låsemekanisme Back Lock

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